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The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)


RFC1567 X.500 Directory Monitoring MIB (Jan 1994)

RFC1608 Representing IP Information in the X.500 Directory (Mar 1994)

RFC1609 Charting Networks in the X.500 Directory (Mar 1994)

RFC1804 Schema Publishing in X.500 Directory (Jun1995)

RFC2605 Directory Server Monitoring MIB (Jun 1995)

RFC4295 Mobile IPv6 Management Information Base (Apr 2006)

RFC4498 The Managed Object Aggregation MIB (May 2006)
(Presentation slides at IETF, July 2002)

RFC5427 Textual Conventions for Syslog Management (Mar 2009)

RFC5488 Network Mobility (NEMO) Management Information Base (Apr 2009)

SNMP is noted for the standard Internet network management protocol nowdays. SnortSNMP is an expanded-Snort which can generate alerts coped with SNMP.

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