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Nov 15 DB Synchronizer Ver.1.7.1 Released
Oct 31 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.5.0 Released
  NetSkateKoban® Manager Appliance Ver.4.5.0 Released
Jan 11 Our new business partner
DAC Cable agency


Dec 12 The Honorable Jack Markell, governor of Delaware, USA, visited Cyber Solutions. agency
Mar 28 Our new business partner
Hitachi Systems, Ltd. agency
Feb 08 NetSkateKoban® Manager Appliance Ver.4.4.5 Released
Feb 1 NetSkateKoban® Sensor AX Ver.4.4.5 Released


Nov 1
NetSkateKoban goes oversea
NetSkateKoban® now has deployments in Korea, India and Taiwan. Please consult with our partners.
Oct 28 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.4 released.
Sep 9 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.3 released.
Jul 22 NetSkateKoban® Sensor AX Ver.4.4.2 Released
Jul 15 NetSkateKoban® Enterprize Console Ver.4.4.2 Released
Jul 08 NetSkateKoban® Manager Appliance Ver.4.4.2 Released
Jul 07 Our advanced IPv6 activities have been cited in Steve Gold's Countdown2infosecurity Blog.
Jun 30 NetSkateKoban® Multi VLAN Sensor EX Ver.4.3.10 Released
Jun 30 NK4-SES-05EX/NK4-SMVLS-EX-01 Ver.4.3.10 Released
Jun 06
Cyber Solutions participated in "WORLD IPV6 DAY", establishing corporate IPv6 connectivity.
May 20 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.2 Released
May 19 reports how CySols has overcome the earthquake. (In Japanese.)
Apr 15 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.1 / Ver.4.3.9 Released

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