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Jan 11 Our new business partner
DAC Cable agency

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Dec 12 The Honorable Jack Markell, governor of Delaware, USA, visited Cyber Solutions. agency
Mar 28 Our new business partner
Hitachi Systems, Ltd. agency
Feb 08 NetSkateKoban® Manager Appliance Ver.4.4.5 Released
Feb 1 NetSkateKoban® Sensor AX Ver.4.4.5 Released

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Nov 1 NetSkateKoban goes oversea
NetSkateKoban® now has deployments in Korea, India and Taiwan. Please consult with our partners.
Oct 28 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.4 released.
Sep 9 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.3 released.
Jul 22 NetSkateKoban® Sensor AX Ver.4.4.2 Released
Jul 15 NetSkateKoban® Enterprize Console Ver.4.4.2 Released
Jul 08 NetSkateKoban® Manager Appliance Ver.4.4.2 Released
Jul 07 Our advanced IPv6 activities have been cited in Steve Gold's Countdown2infosecurity Blog.
Jun 30 NetSkateKoban® Multi VLAN Sensor EX Ver.4.3.10 Released
Jun 30 NK4-SES-05EX/NK4-SMVLS-EX-01 Ver.4.3.10 Released
Jun 06
Cyber Solutions participated in "WORLD IPV6 DAY", establishing corporate IPv6 connectivity.
May 20 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.2 Released
May 19 COMPUTERWORLD.jp reports how CySols has overcome the earthquake. (In Japanese.)
Apr 15 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.1 / Ver.4.3.9 Released
May 20 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.2 Released
May 19 COMPUTERWORLD.jp reports how CySols has overcome the earthquake. (In Japanese.)
Apr 15 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.4.1 / Ver.4.3.9 Released
Mar 14

Thank you for your care and concerns about our well being after the 11th March 2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake. The building in which we are housed is barely usable. It is without water and telephone. Electricity cannot be restored fully as there is massive electricity leakage due to water seepage. It will take us some more time to return to normal work. At present we have just managed to patch the network connectivity.

We regret the inconvenience and anxiety caused. Please bear with us for some more time. We will keep you updated and assure you of our best efforts to cope with this disaster and resume normal business activities as soon as possible

Jan 24 Millinet Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea) and Cyber Solutions signed agreement for promotion of NetSkate series products for intranet security and management.

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Oct 14 NetSkateKoban® DB Synchronizer Ver.1.4.1 Released
Oct 07 Glenn Mansfield Keeni made a lecture, "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and Ubiquity ", at India Japan Symposium on Emerging Technologies organized by ISAJ. Link
Sep 15 NetSkateKoban® Multi VLAN Sensor EX Ver.4.3.8 Released
Sep 15 NetSkateKoban® Sensor EX Ver.4.3.8 Released
Jun 18 Glenn Mansfield Keeni made a lecture at the information security seminer which was sponcered by Michinoku Information Security Promotion Organization.
Jun 18 NetSkateKoban® Manager Appliance Ver.4.3.7 Released
Jun 18 NetSkateKoban® Multi VLAN SensorEX Ver.4.3.7 Released
Jun 18,2010 NetSkateKoban® Sensor EX Ver.4.3.7 Released
May 21,2010 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.3.7 Released
Apr 30,2010 NetSkateKoban® Sensor EX Ver.4.3.3 Released
Mar 17,2010 NetSkateKoban® DB Synchronizer Ver.1.4 Released
Jan 29,2010 Glenn Mansfield Keeni made a lecture, "Ventures on the Internet: from Academy to Industry ", at 10th Kyushu IT-Office Security Seminer organized by ISIT. Link
Jan 29,2010 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.3.5 Released
Jan 12,2010 NetSkateKoban DHCP・ARP Sensor Agent EX Ver.4.3.2 Released

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Dec 15,2009 NetSkateKoban sensor EX Ver.4.1.6 released.
Nov 24,2009 NetSkateKoban sensor EX / NetSkateKoban Multi-LANsensor EX-S Ver.4.2.2 released.
Nov 22,2009 Joint research with Graduate School of Economics and Management ,Tohoku University, "Consideration of developing a monitoring information system
including quality and service concept for long-term care institution" was presented at 29th JICM, Hiroshima. PDF
Nov 19,2009 NetSkateKoban Sensor EX/NetSkateKoban Multi VLAN Sensor EX-S Ver.4.2.2 released.
Sep 10,2009 NetSkateKoban Ver.4.3.2 released.
Sep 02,2009 NetSkateKoban® Multi VLAN Sensor EX Ver.4.3.2 Released
Aug 17,2009 NetSkateKoban® DB Synchronizer Ver.1.3 Released
Jul 09,2009 NetSkateKoban® DHCP・ARP Sensor Agent EX Ver.4.3.0 Released
Jun 24,2009 NetSkateKoban® DB Synchronizer Ver.1.2 Released
Jun 17,2009 New Branch Office opened in Tokyo
Jun 01,2009 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.2.3 Released
Apr 28-30,2009 Our company participates in Infosecurity Europe 2009
Feb 24,2009 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.2.2 Released
Feb 12,2009 NetSkateKoban® Sensor EX Ver.4.2.1Released
Jan 15,2009 Inventory Management System for NetSkateKoban released
Jan 01,2009 Our new business partner

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Dec 1,2008 Our new business partner
Nov 20,2008 NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.2.1Released
Nov 20,2008 NetSkateKoban Multi VLAN Sensor EX Ver.4.1.4 Released
Nov 19-21,2008 Our company participates in Embedded Technology 2008
Nov 1,2008 Cyber Solutions released
"NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.2"
SEP 26,2008 Cyber solutions released "NetSkateKoban Multi-VLAN Sensor Ver.4.1.3"
Sep 1,2008 Our new business partnar
NEC Fielding LTD. Tohoku Regional Company
MAY 16,2008 Cyber Solutions released
"NetSkateKoban® Ver.4.1.3"
May 16,2008

5th Information Security EXPO wound up on a high note.
We would like to thank all those who came for their valuable time

Apr 24,2008

Sales Pamphlet for "NetSkate Visualizer LS" Now Available

Apr 23,2008 [ Press Release ]
Large Scale Network Traffic Monitoring System
"NetSkate Visualizer LS"
Mar 10,2008 Cyber Solutions Inc., 10th anniversary lecture
"Language and Brain Science"
Jan 18,2008 Cyber Solution released
NetSkateKoban® Sensor EX Ver.4.1.2
Jan 17,2008 Cyber Solution released

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Dec 25,2007 Our new business partnar
Nov 01, 2007 Our new business partnar
Aug 28, 2007

NetSkateKoban® Sensor EX Ver.4.1 was released
Cyber Solutions has released 'NetSkateKoban® Sensor EX Ver.4.1' that matches the features of Cyber Solution's intranet security system, NetSkateKobanR Ver.4.1. It is supplied as an appliance package and also as the firmware updation for the previous NetSkateKoban® Sensor.

NetSkateKoban® Sensor EX Ver.4.1 features the enhacement of active terminal detection capability, and remote management of sensors. For the appliance NK4-SES-05EX, Wake-On-LAN and Wake-On-Link after power recovery are supported.

Aug 10, 2007

NetSkateKoban® Ver 4.1
Cyber Solutions released NetSkateKoban 4.1 for the interanet activity monitoring that includes the detection and isolation of illegal PCs.
For the scalability and usability, more than 30 new or improved functions are implemented in this release, including:

  1. Fast switch port search for individual terminals.
  2. Monitoring of thousands terminals.
  3. Improved sensor management: automated firmware updation for distributed sensors and remote boot-up with the Wake-On-Lan.
  4. Context help.
  5. Extended action policy setting.
Jul 25, 2007
NetSkateKoban® Sensor TX

NetSkateKoban® Sensor TX was released.
NetSkateKoban Sensor TX, with its compact 115(W) x 115(H) x 35(D) mm case, features the wider operation temperature range and auto-bootup upon power recovery.

Jul 7, 2007 Cyber Solutions is pleased to invite Dr. Kuruba Mahesh Kumar, Wipro Technologies, India, for the research of understanding network dynamics for network operations and security. This is supported by Japan Trust Project of NiCT.
Apr 25, 2007

Two of our R&D projects were selected by SCOPE (Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme) of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications:

  1. Category: New Generation Network Technology
    "R&D on a Monitoring framework for new generation ubiquitous networks supporting network mobility. "
    (Joint proposal with Tohoku University.)
  2. Category: International Technology Initiative
    "R&D on a secure and high reliability log collection and management system."
    (Joint proposal with Tohoku University.)
The complete list of selected proposals is here: http://www.soumu.go.jp/joho_tsusin/scope/subject/s_h19.html (in Japanese)
Mar 28, 2007 NetSkateKoban Ver 4.0.1 is released.
Mar 12, 2007 NetSkateKoban Ver 3.1.3 is released.
Feb 26, 2007 NetSkateKoban Ver 4.0.0 is released
22/02/2007 We are certified as one of the IT Management Support Companies for the booming Tohoku (north eastern) region in Japan.
31/01/2007 NetSkateKoban Ver 3.1.2 is released
25/01/2007 At the final meeting announcing the results of Sendai Intelligent Cluster Creation Project, we demonstrated a new prototype of file management technology that monitors in real-time and records the taking out of files.

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「NetSkateKoban Ver 4.0」, the latest version is announced.
Many features such as strengthened Network Management capability, coordination with 802.1x/RADIUS, etc.
To get more information, please see the promotional video:

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Nov 21,2005 NetSkate Visualizer Q&A Renewaled
Jan 19,2005 NetSkate Visualizer Pro Trial Version is available. Here

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02-SEP-2004 JGNII Traffic information is open to the public.
31-AUG-2004 Now, you available "In-Line 10/100M Ethernet Tap PCI CARD User Manual".
31-AUG-2004 We added Major Journal Papers to R&D list.
10-AUG-2004 FAQ about NetSkateVisualizer was exhibited.
01-JUL-2004 The report that Our products "NetSkateKoban" was carried by Kahoku-Shimpo.
an article...
24-JUN-2004 "JGN? promotion forum 2004 in Tohoku" was in session at Shiroishi-shi.
Active opinion exchange was performed there. more...
23-JUN-2004 Our company participates in "JGN? promotion forum 2004 in Tohoku" as a panelist.
01-JUN-2004 In the Graduate School of Economics and Management Tohoku University , "NetSkateKoban" which is product of our company is used. :(Charge is Ishigaki teacher)
About 500 sets of terminals are put under control of "Kenmon module", and the intranet which eliminates all unjust connection and where security is very high is built.

23-OCT-2003 In the end of this month ,Our SnortSNMP for Snort 2.0.2 will be available .
09-SEP-2003 Maintenance of the network is scheduled for the following date.
(1) 5min. stop between 06:00-07:00 on 2003 SEP 12 (JST)
(2) 40min. stop between 12:00-14:00 on 2003 OCT 07 (JST)
31-JUL-2003 Maintenance of the network is scheduled for the following date.
5 hrs stop between 09:00-14:00 on 2003 AUG 05 (JST)
22-APR-2003 JGN has released JGN IPv6 traffic monitoring system . Our CpMpnitor is used for the system.
JGN IPv6 Traffic Monitoring
21-APR-2003 JGN announced, JaNI has released for traffic monitoring.
Our NetSkate Visualizer is used as an engine.
10-MAR-2003 Internet and Car Workshop
22-NOV-2002 Free trial of NetSkate Visualizer is available.
Free trial of Alert Receiver is available. Alert Receiver enables to receive alerts generated by SnortSNMP Plugin.
Cyber Solutions Inc. is introduced in the following website as one of the contributers for developing SNORT, which is the most popular IDS system in the world currently.
Our latest product, NetSkate, is released.
Special Discount on NetSkate is available by the end of July, 2002.
Offered Special Price : 24,800 Yen

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