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NetSkate CpMonitor SMART

NetSkate CpMonitor SMART is a powerful and flexible network traffic monitoring appliance featuring NetSkate CpMonitor. The hardware components, the OS and software components are well-tuned for traffic monitoring and packed in a pocket dictionary sized case.

CpMonitor SMART is a plug-and-play device. Connect CpMonitor SMART to your network and start monitoring and analyzing the traffic..


Fully automated configuration to reduce installation/maintenance cost
Connect CpMonitor SMART at the monitoring location in your network and setup communication between CpMonitor SMART and your monitoring console. This simple installation procedure reduces the cost of installation and maintenance.

Minimized effect on monitored network
Network interfaces of CpMonitor SMART are specially designed for passive traffic monitoring in order to exclude the degradation of network performance. Power outage of CpMonitor does not interrupt network traffic. So, CpMonitor will not make your network vulnerable to a failure due to CpMonitor itself.

Powerful, flexible and usable
Core system software, NetSkate CpMonitor offers powerful and flexible network traffic analysis and SNMP/IPv6 compliant operation.

Table 1. CpMonior SMART Hardware Specifications
Compact embedded system

CPU:On-board VIA C3 800MHz
Main menory: 512MB
Network Interface: 10/100MB Fast ethernet lan x3
Dimension: 177(W)x51(H)x9(D)

Tapping interface In-Line 10/100M Ethernet Tap PCI Card*

Table 2. CpMoniot SMART major Software components
Platform systems Free-BSD / Apache Web server / Perl 6
Cyber Solution's NetSkate CpMonitor pacakage CpMonitor Core system
NetSkate NetGrapher
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