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Cyber Solutions Inc. provides the following products and services for Network management:
NetSkateKoban, the integrated network security solution

NetSkateKoban detects and prevents the connection of unauthorized PCs to the intranet. The current connection status of the PCs in the Intranet can be seen and the previous connection status can be displayed as the network map.

NetSkateKoban Ver4.3

netskatekoban consle

■Network Management Tools (NetSkate Series)
NetSkate Visualizer
NetSkate Visualizer Pro

NetSkate Visualizer is an innovative Network monitoring/management software that enables visualization of Network configuration and shows the status of various devices in the network at a glance.

The network traffic, disk status and Network reachability can also be visualized. NetSkate Visualizer drastically reduces the Network administrators work burden. Thus, it is the real NetSkate = Net+「助っ人」 SUKETTO (Help/Support in Japanese)」of IT age.

netskate visualizer

* Requires Sun Jave2 runtime environment.

NetSkate Designer is a versatile designing tool for your network. It can be used for network design, implementation and operation. You can add devices to the network map by just clicking and dragging them into the map; you can also manually input their attributes such as name, IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc.

NetSkate Designer provides a simple way to get an overall picture of your network. The network map thus created can be read into "NetSkate Visualizer" that provides you a comprehensive way of network management.

netskate designer

NetSkate NetGrapher

NetSkate NetGrapher is a visualization tool where the data from network monitoring system is shown in comprehensive graphs. It can be used with our network monitoring tool or standard tools like MTRG.

NetSkate NetGrapher is bundled with our products, CpMonitorSMART and NetSkate Archiver.

NetSkate High Resolution Traffic Monitor

NetSkate High Resolution Traffic Monitor (HRTM) is a SNMP agent package for collecting the traffic information of remote networks with high time resolution (millisecond time scale).

By the use of the bundled software, the traffic information of remote networks can be collected and shown in real-time.

In-Line 10/100M Ethernet Tap PCI Card
In-Line 10/100M Ethernet Tap PCI Card is a half-length tap PCI card. It enables various types of packet monitoring without affecting source communications.

You can use this for flexible and safe installation of the network intrusion detection system (IDS) or network monitoring systems that are necessary for network security.

ctap card
CpMonitor/CpMonitor SMART

CpMonitor performes powerful and flexible network traffic monitoring. It is available as a software package and as the software component of traffic monitoring appliance, CpMonitor SMART.

How much do you know about the traffic on your intranet? Do you know the traffic involved in web-browsing and in e-mail? CpMonitor SMART can help you analyze the traffic, whether it is IPv4 or IPv6, TCP or UDP, whether it is being used for web browsing or for email and also in the identification of VLAN.

The detailed traffic trend for each device/site can be analyzed. The cause of network failure problems can be tracked down; whether it is the protocol or an application problem or something else.

Combined with NetSkate Visualizer, CpMonitor SMART is a useful tool to monitor your network from a remote terminal, freeing the network administrator from being on the spot all the time. With its low price, CpMonitor SMART is a must-have tool for all the network administrators.

cpmonitor smart

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