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NetSkateKoban 4.5
  • NetSkateKoban® detects PCs and terminals connected to the network using sensors, and depending on the configuration, isolates or removes illegal ones. There are more than 15000 installations all over Japan with each installation having several hundred to several thousand terminals. Web registration
  • The sensor, which has an appliance for each segment or multi VLAN, can be installed without any change to the existing system; software to suit the functions of the existing switch or router and solutions to suit the existing network can be customized readily. Products/Options Line-up
  • Depending on the installation, the vendor of router & switch, the equipment used, VLAN structure, DHCP server or wireless LAN access point arrangement etc. and intranet structure vary. Also, the management policies of the terminals depend on the department, and the network working conditions are such that the requirements are not uniform. We are able to offer a solution to suit each customer for their specific needs.
New Functions of NetSkateKoban®

markWeb Registration
Web application for terminal connection has been enabled, and terminals without connection permission are redirected (restricted connection). This largely reduces the administrative burden associated with registration. Web registration

markQuarantine Systems
The quarantine sytem with QuOLA@Adapter, either as a patch to the OS or antivirus update software check, has been upgraded to ensure that only the devices matching company policy can be connected. Quarantine system integration

markDHCP Link
 Management of terminals is possible with Infoblox Network Service/Reporting Solutions in tandem with NetSkateKoban®. DHCP server integration

This is a new feature, to have the same network functions as monitoring, control, recording and analysis of NetSkateKoban, with only the sensors installed in the target network. You can check the functioning of both Cloud service provider and KobanCloud client.

markIPv6 Network Security
The functions have been extended to include detection and isolation of unregistered IPv6 terminals along with IPv4, thus eliminating the shortcomings of traffic monitoring。 (Press release on 2010/10/28 IPv6 security)

markNetSkateKoban® Manager Appliance
The appliance is readily available
NetSkateKoban manager appliance
 NetSkateKoban manager& database system are pre-installed in optimum hardware to create NetSkateKoban® manager appliance, drastically reducing installation requirements. arrowPamphlet

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NetSkateKoban Promotion video
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Model Cases

Case 1
Prevent an unregistered terminal connection.
The damage caused by the information leakage and virus infection takes a high toll on your company’s assets and trust. Kenmon module prevents unregistered terminal connections and controls their connection to the intranet. Your intranet security will be improved dramatically by preventing access to a terminal which is not properly managed.

Case 2
Identify the source of unwanted mails.
When there is a complaint of SPAM from your site, it is generally very difficult to find out the source of the unwanted mails. NetSkateKoban makes it easy for you, by collecting mail delivery logs and checking the status of the unwanted mail. You are able to trace the terminal that sent the mails.
Case 3
Monitor information leakage via unregistered terminals due to virus infection.
If there is any problem on your network, like information leakage, NetSkateKoban can identify the connected terminal which is causing this. It is displayed in a user-friendly network map. The identification of the terminal can be made even in the DHCP environment where IP addresses change dynamically.
Case 4
Monitoring and recording of file modification and copy.

Unauthorized file copy and modification are another source of information leakage. PC monitoring agent monitors the operations of file modifications or copy, and also records it. By monitoring these copy operations, it is possible for you to prevent cases of fraud, like taking out files without permission.

  • This system is a result of the research project, “Illegal communication detection system for a Network user by using MAC address” carried out as a part of Particular emphasis area IT development project in the year of 2002 by Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA/ Currently, it is reorganized into Independent Agencies Information Processing Organization).
  • This system uses the results of Sendai Area Intelligent Cluster creation project, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
  • QuOLA@Adapter® is the registered trademark of Hitachi Cable Networks Ltd.
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