This product is ideal for networks configured with VLANs and responds to the need to easily build a security function (detecting and blocking unauthorized terminals) that protects information systems from threats from unauthorized terminals.
While maintaining NetSkateKoban's powerful security features and Nano's ease of use, we have made it easy to install even without an expert.

It flexibly supports everything from small networks to large-scale networks with multiple VLANs and multiple locations.

Note) Nano (V) is a product that supports networks configured with VLAN. For segmented networks, you would use NetSkateKoban Nano​​​​​​​


One Nano(V) can monitor up to 40 VLANs.

Application Example: Ideal for GIGA School Concept

 Perfect for the GIGA school concept that is being promoted under the Society 5.0 concept! ! 

As an initiative for the GIGA School concept, we have prepared an optimal solution that meets the security requirements of GIGA School.
We are also able to offer added value proposals regarding security to system integrators who are proposing network equipment.

Initiatives for the GIGA School Concept

Approach using NetSkateKoban Nano(V)


Why choose NetSkateKoban Nano(V)?


GIGA School Concept Requirements

In order to build and operate the GIGA School Concept network efficiently and safely, the following requirements must be met.
◆ I want to manage/monitor without knowing IT in detail
◆ Want to centrally manage multiple school affairs/learning networks
◆ I want to centrally manage multiple schools
◆ I want to centrally monitor regardless of wired or wireless environment.
◆ I want to monitor the connection status of my PC/smartphone.
◆ I want to prohibit unauthorized network connections
◆ I want to block devices (wireless APs) that connect without permission.
◆ I want to stop connections at night/holidays for each device
◆ I want to make installation easy.
◆ I want to perform simple device authentication
◆ I want to cooperate with existing UTM/antivirus software
◆ We also want to consider security measures with an eye to the future.
◆ Want to centrally manage/monitor without depending on network configuration
 I want to spend as little money as possible

NetSkateKoban Nano(V) Introduction Pattern per School


NetSkateKoban Nano(V) Features and Functions

NetSkateKoban Nano(V) follows the features and functions of NetSkateKoban Nano, and can be operated immediately after installation, even without an expert.

Features of NetSkateKoban Nano(V)

  • A network configured by VLAN can be monitored with a single device.
  • No management server, terminal agent, or terminal license is required; it can be used with just a browser.
  • Collectively monitor and control wireless and wired terminal connections.
  • Although it is small, it has advanced detection and blocking functions.
  • If an unregistered device is detected, the administrator will be notified by email.
  • Identifies and displays the vendor name and OS name of the detected device.
  • Detected devices can be added to the whitelist (list of devices allowed to connect) with one touch.

Features of NetSkateKoban Nano(V)


  • Display a list of connected terminals
  • List of terminals interfering with communication
  • Active detection

Also detects Wifi routers, Ethernet switches, printers and IoT devices

WhiteList Management

  • Manual registration of detection terminals
  • Whitelist
  • Device connection period/time settings

Action Settings when Unregistered Terminal is Detected

  • Communication interference
  • Email notification
  • Simple URL notification
 Notifies you of the URL for canceling communication interference, allowing you to cancel communication interference with one click.


  • Terminal connection weekly report

SNMP Trap/Syslog Cooperation

By searching the contents of SNMP Traps or Syslogs issued by antivirus products or UTMs, acquiring terminal information, and identifying it, we can take measures such as blocking or sending email notificationsUtilizing this function automatically prevents the spread of virus infections and provides multi-layered defense.


Functional Specifications

Terminal detection: ARP detection
Terminal management: Whitelist registration system (all day permission/time zone specified permission)
Blocking method: Multifaceted communication interference processing (patented technology)
Notification: Send alert email
Monitoring interface: Web-UI operation (list display, CSV output)
Setting interface: Web-UI operation, CSV import supported (same for manager for unified management of multiple devices)

Hardware Specifications

External dimensions: Approximately 24.3(H) x 83(W) x 58(D) mm (excluding protrusions)
Weight: 80 [g] (main body), 105 [g] (AC adapter)
LAN interface: 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX (AUTO-MDIX compatible) x 1 port
Operating temperature range: -20 ~ 70℃
Power supply: 100 – 240V (AC adapter included)
Power consumption: Typ. 1.2W