Our company will continue to contribute to the development of network technology by promoting research and development projects related to network technology.

Simple Network Monitoring for Event Detection in Network Traffic Traces

A simple network monitoring method for event detection via traffic tracing


When it comes to intranet security, it is extremely important to correctly monitor and understand the behavior of devices within a network, but due to the wide variety of device behaviors, proper monitoring itself is an extremely difficult task. To address this issue, we have proposed a simple monitoring model that allows
monitoring of a reasonable range of behavior within an acceptable cost.

Societal Model for Internet of Things(IOT)

Social model for secure IoT


The proliferation of IoT has opened a Pandora's box regarding security.
IoT devices are now everywhere, and many are inherently insecure. IoT devices pose a major security threat to society as a whole.
In order to use IoT devices securely, we are developing a simple device operation model with built-in security called the social model.
So far, we have considered the requirements of the social model and demonstrated that the model is achievable with existing technology within Internet standard network management frameworks. We are currently developing a more practical prototype implementation.
The results of this research project so far have been published in the following papers.
Feasibility of Societal Model for Securing Internet of Things
Hiroshi Tsunoda, Rodrigo Roman-Castro, Jaier Lopez, and Glenn Mansfield KeeniKSII, Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, Vol.12, Np.8, pp.3567-3588, Aug. 2018

Visualization of SDN-Based Intranet Topology

SDN-based intranet configuration visualization


Networks that employ SDN (Software Defined Networking) technology allow administrators to dynamically change the network configuration. And network management and monitoring systems must be able to adequately accommodate such dynamically configured networks. We are working on developing a mechanism to efficiently and accurately monitor and visualize the configuration of intranets built using SDN technology.
This research project was supported by the KC Miyagi Industry-Academia Joint Research Group in 2019.
FY2019 KC Miyagi Industry-Academia Joint Research Group (Execution/Growth Type)
Development of security solutions aimed at intranet virtualization in small and medium-sized enterprises
(Operator: Hiroshi Tsunoda, Tohoku Institute of Technology)
https://www.pref.miyagi.jp /soshiki/shinsan/kc-miyagi.html


High Availability of Network Monitoring Systems

High availability network monitoring system


Network monitoring is an essential requirement for network management. In networks that require a high level of security, the system that monitors the network must continue to operate even if a failure occurs in a part of the network.
In a widely distributed network monitoring system, we are examining the effects of failures on various components, with the aim of ensuring that the system can continue monitoring operations with minimal interruption even in the event of a failure.
This research project was supported by the Miyagi Small and Medium Enterprise Challenge Support Fund project in 2019.
Development of NetSkateKoban HA, a reliable network security solution that can be relied upon even in times of disaster

In addition, some of the results of this research project have been presented at the following academic conferences.
           Study on the availability of a multi-layered widely distributed network                         monitoring system
           Hiroshi Tsunoda, Glenn Mansfield
           IEICE Technical Report, Vol. 119, No. 196, CS2019-58, pp. 61-64,                             September 2019

Security and Privacy Awareness: for Software Creators and Users

Security and privacy awareness for software developers and users


Information technology has a far-reaching impact on society, and its security and privacy aspects are under intense scrutiny.
This project focused in particular on the development of the Internet and related technologies, and looked back on how technological innovation has progressed to date. It is clear that there was a lack of security awareness among the developers who were creating the new technology.
Technology and the applications that leverage it have grown with minimal regulation. Our society has a huge pool of information, and the security and privacy of that information is not well protected. In order to improve this current situation, we are considering the importance of social checks and balances.
The research results of this project have been presented as papers at the following international conferences.
Security and Privacy Awareness: for Software Creators and Users
Glenn Mansfield Keeni, Hiroshi Tsunoda
2019 IEEE 10th International Conference on Awareness Science and Technology (iCAST), Morioka, Japan, 2019, pp. 1-4
DOI: 10.1109/ICAwST.2019.8923148