SNMPv3 related development

  • SNMPv3 management system (development of a management system that utilizes SNMPv3):
Development of a system that supports user management, access control, and passphrase management, which are becoming increasingly complex with SNMPv3.
  • SNMPv1/v2/v3 over IPv4/IPv6Multi protocol management system (network management system development under multi-protocol environment):
Development of protocol and version conversion technology in a mixed environment of IPv4, IPv6, and SNMPv1,v2,v3
  • SNMPv3 secure alerting system (development of secure alert notification system):
Development of an alert notification system using SNMPv3 to safely notify the management system of unauthorized access notification alerts from intrusion detection devices

IPv6 compatible development

  • Development of IPv6 for net-snmp:
IPv6 compatible development of NET-SNMP, the most widely used open source SNMP package. The results are reflected in the latest NET-SNMP.

MIB development

  • Security related MIBs
- MIB development for remote packet information collection device:
MIB development for control that is implemented in monitoring equipment that constantly monitors packets, saves certain packets at arbitrary timing as snapshots, and transfers them as necessary.
- Development of MIB for searching packet print information:
MIB development to search observed packets implemented in remote packet monitoring equipment mainly to track unauthorized access
  • Alert notification module for SNORT
- sidaMIB :
Developed a MIB to notify alerts for SNORT, the most widely used open source IDS, and an output plugin that implements it. It supports SNMPv3 and is bundled as standard with Snort-1.8.3 or later.
- cpMonitorMIB(common passive monitor MIB) :
Multi-protocol compatible passive traffic monitor: MIB development to be implemented in a traffic information collection device and remotely collect traffic volume information classified into arbitrary packet types.
- DISMAN ping MIB(remote ping control for distributed management) :
This is a MIB for distributed management, and MIB development for testing between any two remote points using ping and obtaining the results.