Japanese LDAP RFC

This translation is produced by the LDAP group of Intelligent Software Solutions, Inc. and Cyber ​​Solutions Inc. under the auspices of the Information-technology Promotion Agency.
This translation is currently under construction and is currently a draft version.
We welcome feedback on translations and terminology.
If you have any technical questions regarding the content, please refer to the original RFC published by IETF.
This translation cannot be held responsible for technical or translation errors.

Japaneseized RFC list

RFC2251 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3) *Original text
RFC2252 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Attribute Syntax Definitions *Original text
RFC2253 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): UTF-8 String Representation of Distinguished Names *Original text
RFC2254 The String Representation of LDAP Search Filters *Original text
RFC2255 The LDAP URL Format *Original text
RFC2256 A Summary of the X.500(96) User Schema for use with LDAPv3 *Original text
* Note: The Japanese RFC has links for each chapter, allowing you to refer to the original text.
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