NetSkateKoban Enterprise combines powerful network visualization functions and intranet security (detection of unauthorized terminals and connection prevention) functions, and is integrated so that even large-scale nationwide networks with tens of thousands of devices can be centrally managed from a single NetSkateKoban Manager. It's a system. We have a track record of monitoring networks with over 40,000 terminals and 300 switches using a single NetSkateKoban Manager.

This product responds to the need to easily build a security function (detection of unauthorized terminals and connection prevention) that protects information systems from threats from unauthorized terminals.
While maintaining NetSkateKoban's powerful security features, we have made it easy to install even without an expert.
We flexibly support everything from small-scale networks to large-scale networks spanning multiple locations.

Note: Nano is a product that supports segmented networks. For a network configured with VLAN, it is NetSkateKoban Nano(V).